Tantra massage for women

Tantra massage for women is a celebration of her feminine essence, her sensuality and sensibility. Through the initial ritual the tension and stress in the body gets greadually released and the body which gets in a state of deep trust and feeling of security is then able to receive a whole range of other touches.

Basic ritual

Most of the attention is payed to the releasing massage of the face, further to the so called opening of the heart chakra and to gentle touches throughout the whole body (silk, feathers, etc.). Intimate massage of the whole body is then an organic continuing of the previous techniques, always paying attention to the opening of the body. The client is wearing a lunghi which is uncovered according to the needs of the massage.

During the whole body massage we use aromatic natural oils of client´s choice, for the face part almond oil is recommended. Before the massage there is always time for a talk, after the massage for an eventual sharing of the experience. The individual intimacy limit of every woman is always respected. Tantra massage is mainly a loving and tender ritual for the entire body, it doesn´t judge or set any goals. We recommend to reserve 2,5 hrs of time for an undisturbed experience of the ritual in its entirety.

Advanced ritual

If the woman is alredy open for a tantra massage, has no preoccupations and is interested to work with her own energy that could influence other parts of the body and uncover other possibilities of her energy potencial, it is possible after the initial relaxing stage to guide her throug breathing and visualisations to other techniques. The energy rises to the heart and further to the head, or on the contrary it nourishes the lower part of the body and supports the grounding. Exactly how the client feels and needs it. From a ritual of accepting our body and the sacredness of sexuality it moves closer to the tantric understanding of this healing energy.

Price 2500 /120 min) 











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