Special massages



Tao erotic massage

This gentle energetic erotic massage is based on touches proved by centuries which are ment to gradually cleanse and awaken the energy paths in our body, disconnect the mind from stress and everpresent thoughts. If the strictly defined proceeding is respected there is space for a really counscious touch of the masseur who brings by his „presence“ healing energy into the particular energy center. If we release spots where our awakening „fire energy“ cummulates it becomes possible to let our entire body get really flooded with it. Orgasm usually comes at the point where we are unable to withstand the incredible expansion of this life energy anymore. This massage helps us to shift those „boundaries“, the energy capacity we allow ourselves. Without any pressure, inner frustration, freely and playfully we can experience a new extatic state of fulfilling our body without discharging the energy, a feeling of vitality and strenght for our own creativity.  

Price 2500 CZK/ 90 min



Yoni healing

A special massage for women which pays a very thorough attention to touching of all sensitive and reflex points. It starts with tranquilizing the whole body and creating trust in a ritual acceptation of the beauty of the yoni. Step by step we trace spots which can carry some traces of previous experiences, fears, non-acceptance or pain. It is a process of a loving exploration enabling enough time for reflecting the feeling in your consciousness, letting it come up to the surface, feeling it and maybe have a feedback. Any feelings and emotions coming up by this process liberate the woman´s sexuality and her ability to experience. Later they can lead her to the ability to experience a full pleasure. It´s suitable for women who tried the basic massage and are already open for the possibilities of the tantric approach to their body.

Price 2000 CZK/100-120 min     














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