Tantric ritual for couples

A couple massage is a ritual of sensuality full of sharing of the common experience. You treat yourself not only with the possibility of free experiencing in the presence of your partner which is a huge enrichment for each relationship, but also with a potential inspiration for your further partner life where tolerance, playfulness, joy of endless discovering and understanding for various kinds of pleasure shoudn´t be missing.  

A massage in couple can be a celebration of a longtime mature relationship as well as an exiting inspiration for a relationship charged with mutual magnetism. It always brings new moments which are not loaded with expectations and limitations. A festive and secure space enables you to go beyond your usual limits. You are going to learn your partner under other circumstances, maybe you are going to find out a lot also about yourself. You might also discover in you the issue of jalousy or dependence which may again shift your relationship into a new depth and mutual honesty. The masseurs are the silent company and guides of your experience.


Price 5500 CZK/120 min  


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