Who am I (who are we) 


Our holistic approach to touch combines the open tantra perspective, the work with REIKI energy for balancing the particular body centres, and in a totaly different level also all of our life experience, our joys, pains and personally experienced „touches“. The tools are experience we gathered with the techniques of classical relaxation massage, Indian head massage, reflexology massage, ayurvedic oil massage or gentle erotic tao techniques. Anyway at the end it´s the unique wish and need of the particular client, intuitive feeling of his moods and blockages what leads our hands. Like this there is always a different and unique space created to experience that what is really there.


We believe that there is the time coming when this communication by touch is again becoming a part of the natural human culture. The increasing number of people who lovingly work with this approach is only confirming that. We don´t see them as our competitors, but as „co-warriors“ who had chosen the same path which is close to the heart. 


My name is Helena. I was born as in the zadiac sign of Cancer, with the Moon in Sagittarius. I was walking through the life quite humbly and obediently, I got a degree in Cultural antropology, worked as a dramaturgist and editor, was trying hardly to do my best as mother, day after day, year after year. As there was more and more life experience and mainly quite hard losses in my life, separating from my partner after a long time of living and raising two teenage sons together, the female „Sagittarius“ part in me started to call for attention more and more and started a transformation fight with the fearful Cancer. That one loved stability, family, peace and security. But these values were shaken. There came a financial insecurity, responsibility for the upbringing of two boys, to be able to survive I was learning many new things, was writing, giving support, studying, thinking, reassesing my values. All of the sudden my life was full of discomfort and fighting with endless fears. A woman who gets through this knows what kind of gift she was given. Something in me made me to leave the safe cage, to listen to the voice of the „wild woman“ calling for new challenges, new beginnings. Many times I felt the strenght of such a moment – this can´t be everything there is – leave the cage – you have nothing to lose – just to gain. Those voices were becoming stronger and stronger – once on the way to my work I was listening to a song from Wanastowi Vjeci – and it´s again the call – the faraway places, wildness, desire, finding out what is behind that what we normally live, compassion, love, trust in the endless flamboyancy of life, images, music, new people, being aware of my body and its full experiencing. I felt like dancing and running away to the nature. One of my spiritual teachers told me that I have to follow solely the path of the heart. It sounds generally and clearly. So I followed that. Almost immediately tantra and tantra massage has „found me“ – it´s the work „with the heart“ I have been doing for some time now. It felt so natural that I didn´t even notice I was „working“.  Actually I see it like this until today. I´m just thinking that the Universe has sent me a kind of „intermission“ and am waiting where it´s going to lead me next. Once you made the jump, you follow your rhytm, but there is no way back. It keeps filling me up with a pleasant feeling that this way I can pass energy to the people around me. Sometimes I still remember the secure life in the „little box“, but it´s rather a kind of nostalgia which gets drowned by the moments of meeting people without masks and hypocrisy.


I went through many constellation workshops of Jan Bílý, tantra and massage workshops of Tantraworld with Denisa Palečková and Richard Vojík, trainings of classical massage, ayurvedic oil massage, foot reflexology or Indian head massage, initiation to the 1st and 2nd grade of Reiki or  Shamballa 1024. For two years I have been working in the massage centre Integrity of Michaela Košťálová. With respect I keep on learning from the European tantra teacher Number 1 John Hawken, where I´m in an ongoing Body therapy training in the tradition of W. Reich and also in the Tantra training. I don´t intent to be a collector of certificates, but I want to be honest to myself and also to my clients. I´m interested in possibilities of connecting tantra and therapy through the body, in my own way how I feel it and can do it. 



Contact  mail: h.krovakova@tantra-sofia.cz  tel: +420 608 521 150





My name is Dušan.

Each meeting has its meaning, strenght and result. Each woman – godess – comes with a different intention, depending on what is right happening. Some of them keep coming back with the intention to gradually shift the limits in the work with energy by releasing blockages, relaxing body and mind, expanding the awarness about her body and herself. The effects of such a massage which makes your face radiate with smile, can be perfectly used in the daily life.

I honour the courage of those who decide to try tantra massage as a holistic rejuvenating and liberating process leading sometimes even to a major change in life approach. Those who prefere a healing touch and a holistic care to psychotherapy and antidepresives, because none of the parts of her body exists individually and the fire of the woman is hidden there, where the passion, inspiration and the life itself  is born. With humbleness I welcome every woman who tries to get over the barrier of preconceptions within herself, tries to enter new dimensions of existence or simply comes to relax deeply, because tantra is more than just a massage.

In the massage ritual I use the ability to pass the Reiki energy, I use the techniques of the Indian head massage, ayurvedic oil massage, traditional erotic tao techniques or elements of classical relaxation massage.

There is nothing more meaningful for me than to give and share the joy of living.


Education, inspiration, trainings

·       Masseur for sport and recondition massage – requalification training 150 hrs(Dexter Academy)

·       Tantraworld – school of Tantra massage 100hrs -  teachers Denisa Palečková and Richard Vojík

·       John Hawken – Tantra training 2010 -2013 Sacred body, passionate spirit

            -    seminar for proffesional tantra masseurs - 25 hrs

-     Tao erotic massage I, II 16 +16 hrs

-Tantra BDSM ( Dark Eros I,II)

·       Michaela Košťálová – tantra massage seminar Inner wave - 20 hrs

·       Amitha – Indian head massage  - 8 hrs

·       Dexter Academy  -  Foot Reflexology 16 hrs

·                                  -   Ayurvedic massage 16 hrs

·       Reiki 1st and 2nd grade

Life  inspiration - Jan Bílý – Men´s group, basic Family constellations, seminar Love, sex, relationships, Costellations of addictions ..


  -  „Civil“ job – for more than 20 years selecting, purchasing and processing documentaries for the Czech Television


Contact mail: d.jurcik@tantra-sofia.cz  tel: + 420 774 347 772







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