The body is our wise adviser and not only a lot of pleasure and bliss but also a healing energy can come to us through a massage. It is important to do the massage in a state of full awarness, in the atmosphere of peace, security, comfort, in a pleasant space without disturbance. As a tune in we use not only a short sharing talk before the massage where you can express your motives, intentions, wishes etc. but also the initial ten minute ritual in standing position. It represents a kind of gate into the protected intimate space, expression of respect to the person receiving massage, creating an intimate contact and aligning the energies. The traditionall clothing is lunghi, both for the masseur and for the client. After that the masseur will start working with you on a divan bed or a massaging deckchair. It is important to release tension from the body so it becomes a good „receiver“. Grounding of the body using firmer pressure massage, application of hot pads or other methods has the same importace. As you remove disturbing influences from the outside, preoccupations and judgement from your mind and start to simply perceive your presence, it is time for becoming more gentle and expanding the experience of senses and the actual tantric „play of touch“. Everything happens in accordance to the responses of your body, gently, playfully, without any pressure. Intimate massage can but doesn´t need to be part of a tantric massage, but anyway all the time during the massage the masseur perceives you energetically in your wholeness, with all that belongs to you. After the massage there is always time for expressing your feelings, or you might prefere to enjoy and take your experience with you without words. It is your experience, no matter how it is.  


 A tantric massage gets deep under your skin, it touches places and emotions that sometimes stay hidden for a very long time. Not only that it helps to open the body to free experiencing, but it changes the person in a much more complex way. During the massage we are very receptive, more gentle, sensible, both tender and sensuous, devoted, and in any case we are fully here and now. It allows us to feel alive, accepted and celebrated in our own body. We can experience a feeling of intimacy, connection and love in a wider sense of the human being. We can shift the boundaries of our  experiencing, the moral conditionings given by education and culture, step out of the known and familiar circles and patterns. As for the sexual experience, but also as for our approach to life as such. There are different teachings, same as the energy of every person who decided to go this path is slightly different. But this stays common. 



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