Ethics of the tantra massage


Everytime when we for whatever reason belie ourselves, it comes back to us as a respons. Lets be as honest and true to ourselves as possible in our own interest. At the end it will pay off.  

Respect to the client

The person who is coming is manifesting a certain courage to discover and a huge trust in the other person, he or she commits him(her-)self into our hands and allows us for a moment to enter quite deep into his/her sacred space.

Respect for the gift of touch

Basically we all posses this gift, as it is one of the purest communication channels of the human beings, so in this respect everybody can be a healer

Respecting the limits and possibilities of everybody

Everybody has a different energy capacity, a different intensity of experience and follows his own rhytm which we totally respect

Respect to ones own energy

It is difficult for a tired and exhausted person to work with energy of somebody else. That´s why the giving person has to take care of his state of mind and his well-being and has to know the ways how to get back into balance and strenght. Or how to to switch off or over for some time. How to balance his massaging activities by other areas and not to disconnect from the real life, to give in the massage out of abundance, not from lack.

Own path means to have enough to share and to learn continuously

Everybody who started working with people must admit that lerning never stops including their own life story, and at least once a day the popular „I know that I don´t know anything“ comes to thein mind. It´s about humbleness and respect to something higher above us, no matter how each of us imagines it.

Acknowledging our limits

Lets do only that where we stand firmly. Tantra works with strong energies and any kind of experimental therapeutical interventions are not worth doing. Sometimes it´s enough to be present for the person, to understand, to let things happen and flow.

Playfulness and discovering in place of competition and judgements

If one is really immersed in what he is doing, he has a natural self-confidence, there is no need to compare oneself with others – this is the way he feels and he feels to be guided from within. Tantra as well as running a tantra business should not be a competition. Doing that it would deny its own philosophy. Let´s choose rather the positive magic of attraction and let´s wish the same to the others.

Being aware of connection and belonging

Let´s treat the other as gently, lovingly and compassionate as we would ourselves. It´s just that each of us has maybe a different „shell“, different face, different story.

Joy and pleasure of giving touch

A tantra massage flows like a dance, like a story with an unknown end, like a picture of many colours and images, like an adventure trip. And about all of this we talk without any words. And we also play a little bit


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