Tantra and Healing

Tantra works with our biggest life force – sexual energy. Therefore, it has healing aspects on multiple levels. The following text is only an empirical summary of its possible benefits or effects and it really can not cover the complete healing process which is often iniciated when we start working with this „energy of fire“. Each and every kind of categorisation is limiting, because everything is connected to everything and for example recovering our personal sexuality or strenghtening of our physical organs is a contribution to a potential partner relationship the same way as the connection to our intuition and physical feelings lead us to wiser decisions in partner or completely ordinary practical life.


Support of Individial Sexual Energy

Sexual organs recovery – new energy supplying and solving problems, which can restrain us to openly experience joy often even for several years.

Loving acceptance of our own body imperfections, throwing away false shyness, self-confidence support, emphasizing values of inner beauty and charm instead of using a social „mask“ - focus on healthy social behaviour.


Intimacy Sharing in a Couple and Partner Relationship Healing

Understanding (and above all direct feeling) of a man – woman polarity, understanding of when and how energy flows between two individuals or where is it blocked.

Connecting to the wisdom of our body and its feelings instead of using mental patterns, which make us to go in circles sometimes. Shifting our centre back to the abdomen, pelvis and nourishing female or male pole of being. Tantra sustains primarily the female pole, even in a man. However, in a couple tantra respects the image of Shiva and Shakti, their individual characteristics, worships both joni and lingam and their sacred connection.


Connection with Oneness, Spirituality Support, Freedom and Trance Healing States

The goal of many tantric techniques is cleansing of our main energetic channel in the spine area. Ecstatic energy that has been awakened is purposely lead upwards. It is important not only to keep harmony among the individual centres and their ballanced energy saturation but also to send the energy into higher „spiritual centres“. The body remains „the temple“, the place we do not run from but in contrary fully use it to meditate. The same attention is devoted to properly earth the person, tantra concerns itself with recovery and restoration of essential units of our energetic body, it is related to our dark sides and secret chambers, taboos and shames – physicaly in the form of prostate, perineum or anal massage. Figuratively speaking, in an ideal case we stand firmly on the ground and our head reaches to the sky.

Tantric school can have a lot of shapes. Different are tantra courses for couples, women groups or mixed groups. Everyone can individually study breathing exercises and working with his or her own sexual energy – there is enough quality tantric literature on the market which reveals whole lot of beautiful rituals (e. g. Margo Anand – The Art of Sexual Ecstasy and The Art of Sexual Magic). In the Czech Republic there are courses of tantra yoga, recently very popular and efficient tantric exercise for women “Mohendžodáro”, we can also try to have a tantric massage or learn how to provide it.

Tantric Massage and Healing

Conscious Touch

If we really percieve our body and touches, we gradually disconnect from our mind control and shift our attention to the present experience. If the one who touches focuses his attention on a particular part of our body, the energy of both participants is directed there. They are sending there consciousness together. It can happen anywhere on the body from the head to the feet. In our bodies there are spots that are particulary threatened, energetic gates which require much more attention. They either lack of energy or accumulate it. A fully conscious whole body massage is therefore literally an exploratory task, redistributing, harmonisation.

The whole process is a meditation and a communion of both participants during which they feel the basic percepts such as breathing, warmth, pressure, chill, pleasant arousal. This kind of the whole body massage is considered a tantric healing massage even without a special focus on erogenous zones or sexual organs.

Energy Increase – Relaxation in Pleasure

The experience of pleasure is in fact a state of awakened and increasing energy in which the body trustfully opens itself – not the other way. Sometimes we have to realize what our boundaries are, what is limiting us and prevents us from loosening up. If we manage to relax, we submit ourselves to higher wisdom of our body which is not bound by the culture we grew up in, family beliefs or our previous harms. We connect to spontaneity, genuineness and truthfulness. Especially women experience pleasure and joy during stimulation of their tertiary or secondary erogenous zones. These areas are not the very source but they support the flow of energy. We can discover somebody's source during the massage of feet soles or ankles, somebody's source can be for example on the coccyx, earlobes, on the nape or thigh insides. A gentle sensual massage supports our joy and positive perception of our body. Fantasy, playfulness and creativity in touching can be literally an elixir for a tired soul. The pleasure which our body experiences can subsequently radiate outside and help other people – unlike self-accusation, abstinence or even flagellantism which are sometimes syndromes of spiritual seekers.

Intimate Massage – a Strong Source of Energy

If our body asks for help, intimate massage is the strongest reviving source available. But only in case our body does not fall into same kind of lethargy and does not disconnect. Patience, attention, love and acceptance can help to attract the concerned back to perceiving the experience. We have to be gentle and act without pressure to be able to return back to the source afterwards. The intimate massage should be done in the atmosphere of trust and full connection of hearts. It is a deep entering into one's intimacy, a ritual performed with empathy and respect.

Tantra uses sexual energy to reach the experience which should induce a higher energetic state spreading gradually to the whole body. If we work with sexual organs, ve should do it in this framework and with this intention. It is the area with the highest energetic potential to supply the whole body. It is also the area, which often have suffered the deepest scars and traumas. Only the fact that we dare to enter this area to discover and consciously explore demands a lot of trust and we go beyond our borders much further than we are used to and much further than it is usually allowed. This means tantra can due to it's nature enter even such areas which are for a common therapy absolutely unattainable. At first we have to approve the unknown and accept it, we have to treat our body respectfully and take the experience of pleasure and sexual joy as an undeniable right of each and every being. A massage taken this way is not a replacement of intimate sexual relationships but a very delicate therapy of the soul. We are searching for jammed places, fears and everything that blocks us and reflects itself in our ordinary life, even in the intimate part of it. This ritual enables us to experience sexuality in a pure state without our personal burdens. Its goal is to make the experience better and spread it to the whole body. Controlled breathing and connecting of the body parts thanks to touching can be helpful here too.

Sexual Magic and Alchemy

It is nothing else than conscious work with this accumulated energy which flows through our spine above all to our heart and the center of consciousness up to the very connection on the top of our head. Its effect is strong, it is fire energy which can create new life, brighten our intuition, enable us to experience ecstatic meditation states, release unspoken emotions, set our voice free. Through it we can feel connection with oneness, communion, weightlessness. Our energetic body, if we allow it, is spreading itself like in other trance techniques far beyond the borders of

our skin and physical body.

On the level of physical percepts it is possible to purposefully focus on connecting yin and yang parts of our sexuality, “minus” and “plus” poles in other words. Certain places of our bodies and our genitals (joni and lingam) represent the feminine receptive feeling of sexuality, other are of plus nature, male. If we manage to balance their perception, in this case by stimulation during a massage, it creates a kind of integration inside our body, a whole new experience of a strong energy which does not lead to an orgasmic release, to a tangible product as result but to spreading the ecstasy beyond the borders of the physical body and also to the experience of neverending fullness and abundance. Even if it concerns more advanced states of consciousness, those who are sensible and have experience with any kind of meditation can reach them very fast in tantra thanks to the very strong “source”. One can seem to be like a batery with plus and minus poles but each tantric ritual gains the human dimension through our continual connection with our heart (and genitals) and that, that we are kind, sensitive and emphathetic. Such an experience without a goal and orgasm is very healing both for a woman and a man.

Sexual Therapy of Traumas

In our intimate lives there often are injuries and restrictions we sometimes even do not know about; they imprint in the body tissue in the particular area. A special treatment thus means to draw to these areas attention, pure consciousness - which often can (in connection with touching, pressure or vibration) in a various power evoke deeply hidden emotion, reveal it, go through it again in a safe atmosphere, grasp it and release it for example through breath or voice. All forms of sexual manipulation, abuse on physical and spiritual level, birth or miscarriage trauma can be hidden behind these emotions. All this can be imprinted in the tissue, even if our mind has this attack pushed out already a long time ago. In our well of energy sits an imaginary frog and we do not know about it. It involves a very efficient and deep healing, the client can not stay in a role of a passive victim but he or she has to become responsible for his or her curing (because he or she wants to finally use the maximum amount of energy and power of life, the maximum potential). If the client lives in a half-heartedly way, he or she often does not have any other possibility so he or she then begins to search for a solution. This kind of healing does not have to have a form of a hysterical drama – it often is more about conscious and calm attention, listening, devoted to the client and his or her physical or evoked spiritual experience. After a repeated healing a stream of positive life energy can be released and it will become evident in many areas of his or her life and vitality, in a new way of experiencing sexuality, in another way of accepting the partner and in many other ways.




Why Should a Woman Spoil Herself with a Tantric Massage

A wish of every woman is to be pampered on her journey through her life, accepted as she is, with all her gifts and “non-gifts”. There are times when the stream of wholesome energy can stop or stop to be sufficient. Or on the other side there are times when women literally overflow with joy from touching and close contact with other people. In these time they wonder how to grasp this force, enjoy it and explore new possibilities with it. They feel pretty and endlessly giving, soft, playful and devoted. Both can lead to experience a tantric massage which can not only restore the streams of energy but celebrate everything beautiful in women as well.

A Duel with Our Own Fear

At the beginning there are usually worries. But have no fear! We are all afraid – especially of being intimate and opened. Sometimes we are not able to act like this even with our closest and now we are in hands of an entirely unknown person. It is a strange, maybe even a transformational insight into different structures from our usual way of thinking. But if we get rid of this imaginary scarecrow restraining us from exploring the unknown, we can only gain and get richer. It is great simply for the fact that we come out victorious from another battle on our small personal “battlefield”! We might encounter suppressed feelings of something unaccepted in us but that is the only thing they do – they just keep bothering us. The only way to solve this problem is to let them go.

During a massage women need to be in an atmosphere full of trust, closeness (even physical) and understanding. The massage can be provided by another woman who just “knows” or by a man with his kind, guiding and trustworthy touch who can not know the world of women so precisely but he pays sacred respect to it without losing his male identity. In such a case even a woman can glimpse into the man's world and maybe even heal old wounds caused by misunderstanding, missing each other or by lack of communication with this polarity principle. Every woman usually can sense what kind of massage is she ready for.

Sometimes it is very hard to convince a woman by words that her body is worthy of acceptance and celebration. It serves her for many years, from time to time it calls for attention when something hurts or an illness comes, it bears the marks of care for other people, of childbirths and anxiety for children, her closest – and thanks to these wrinkles of time she becomes even more and more beautiful (despite the majority of magazines trying to convince women the other way!) but only in case she is proud of all the things she went through. In an ideal situation her partner appreciates and reflects that too. The touches during a tantric massage can express everything words are unsatisfactory and reason too specific for.

After thirty minutes of a massage women, if they trust the masseur or masseuse and vice versa, automaticaly “switch” to their own inner feeling of themselves and they cut off themselves from outside disturbing influences, if everything comes off. They are only in their body and with loving attention of another being who leads them to a deeper experience which necessarily does

not have to be “sexual”. The impulses converge in the center even from the least cared for or most peripheral body parts. A woman can for example realize: yes, this is exactly what I ask for since time immemorial and I will grant this celebrating care and support above all to myself. This is the safest way to receive something after all. Other people usually like to join her – she inspires them. A tantric massage can help to reverse such kind of a difficult acceptance or non-acceptance of herself, to be precise.

The problem with lack of touch relates to that and men have it likewise. It keeps following us as a shadow since our early childhood. A woman who was not stroked and caressed by her mother and other people around as a child might be similarly shy to get closer to her own children. She will probably find out and start to give a lot – but to others. She will be at the last place. It is only her turn now. For many women it is a very strange feeling: will I allow myself to become a celebrated Goddess for a while?

Woman as a Tigress – Breaking the Barriers

The right of every woman at every age is to fully enjoy her womanhood, pleasure from touch and thrill from raging energy in her body even though it is certain that the forms of accepting and enjoyment change with age. Old Indians knew what the elixir of eternal youth and beauty really was. Antiquated patterns of any ideology passed on by our culture over centuries should disappear. Subconsciously followed restrictions of our mothers and grandmothers - “It's not a thing to do!” - should disappear. A woman who is free this way will rule the magic of her own attractiveness. She will become a being who can not be manipulated by others so easily, a being living in harmony with herself and perceiving her womb as a key organ of a new birth. An undistorted and relaxed experience is magically transmitted into all areas of her life. Her careworn face of a carer sacrificing herself for others will disappear. Sometimes the journey to this freedom might be long and conditioned by many more tests. A tantric massage can be the right helping step on the journey to gain your own freedom and energy.

Tantra is for a woman a very natural way of returning back to herself in all aspects. In her playfulness, trustfulness, intuition, boisterousness and desire to harmonize and permeate into everything around her, people, relationships, objects. Tantra will teach the caring woman not to deny herself but to worship her body and in the end to be the beautiful being who is able to give much more than before because she will give from her own richness. You can start exploring this journey anytime. Tantra is opened for everything and everyone...


Why Should a Man Spoil Himself with a Tantric Massage

It is clear this topic requires a certain amount of respect from me. I am not a man. When I write or think about women I can base it on the feelings of my body, on its experience and on

some kind of age-long women memory.

But my experience in this field are based on many meetings in an intimate atmosphere, on sharing and after all on what impression each man gave me before and after the massage. It was always a trip into an unknown world for me.

One impulse to have a tantric massage have men and women in common. Men who came to me wanted to discover something new in their life, explore and approach the tempting, mysterious and in fact even spiritual. They do not talk about such things in the pub or at the football match. Of course, men also wanted to explore their source of vitality and the right feeling of manhood, their own sexuality. Maybe they were on the threshold of change which pushed them to get out of the rut. In their relationship, family, work drive. A lot of exhausted managers came to discover new sources of energy which could enable them to survive the relentless tempo of the outside world and to see things from another perspective (too). The massage taught them often the most difficult thing – to stop at least for two hours in a pleasant and acceptable manner and ONLY feel their bodies. The tantric massage has the necessary gentleness and depth. They “had a bath in a woman's yin energy” to restore their sources and renew their ballance. For some of them was the dominant healing source the fact that they really stopped.

Some of them who came were wondering how to improve the relationship with their partner, how to better use their sexuality on another level for her too. I guess and hope many of them brought the magic home and gave it to their woman. Some of the clients came for an accepting touch because in their normal life they do not spoil themselves with it. Or they were deprived of it from various reasons at that time. The role of the one who takes is a new experience for an active conqueror and hard worker. Naturally, men are buffeted by their sexual desire but if the masseuse clearly defines her space and limits, she can be a confident guide who attentively and with love cares about that what is the real goal of the tantric massage. Even the man can then better focus on himself and not on conquering “another land”.

The massage has healing effects even if a man in some way does not accept his body, if he has a feeling that he is not good enough to receive such kind of attention from a woman. A touch full of love heals wounds and traumas. It is not even necessary to know any details about the wound, our body is wise enough and releases endorphins which help in the process of accepting oneself much better than any kind of antidepressants. One of the goals of the tantric massage is to connect energy of our sexual organs with our heart and higher centres. If we wanted to find out what effects does such a massage have on people with various psychological problems, depressions or autism, we would learn that this field is not quite explored yet. However, our intuition usually guides us and tells us what level of high energy is suitable and healing for each client, how can and how should the massage proceed. It is enough to really be with him in calm, full attention and to know that what is happening is happening the right way. A prostate massage which can be a part of the tantric massage is besides other things an important prevention of prostate cancer – a threat to male population of today. At the same time it is a completely new and transformational experience of being.

Even men in full power who knew their source well came to me. They sensed that through tantra and it's view of sexuality they can uncover unexpected possibilities on another level and

for example thanks to breathing reach whole body orgasm without losing energy. They can keep it for themselves, to enhance their abilities to “rule”, to have more power in their normal life.

It is beautiful to see the men's potential of gentleness and tenderness revealed. One Indian, one of my advanced clients, started to kind of dance with me at the end of the massage and consciously transferred all the awakened energy to me. It was a unique experience, uncommon, innocent and marvellous. Well, the cradle of tantra is the cradle of tantra. I am in a very close contact with those who come, I share intimacy and meditate with them. And find it natural and innocent. Sometimes I feel like a real woman, sometimes just like a human being. I see men without “disguise” and masks at the time when they set aside their Ego. People say that we are only true in death and sex.

I believe that after the massage they will not lose any of their firm footing, conquered contingents and provinces, their small established empires – they will only treat the world and themselves somehow... calmer and kindlier.


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