I don´t want my female partner to receive a massage from a man.  Yes, for some woman a female touch may be more beneficial, but for the partner it is good to know that the masseur doesn´t function here from his personal position, but from a position of a kind of male principle which is strongly influenced also by the caring female principle serving the female client in that moment while fully respecting her and respecting all female beings. This respect towards women usually manifests in his entire understanding of life, relationship to his surroundings, as the masser is not a chaser of beautiful women, but an admirer of women and the femininity of all age categories and body shapes.


I´m afraid of a massage from a man. See above. But his touch and energy is naturally different, an omnipresence of a kind of archetype polarity gives the massage and the touches a different flavour. Sometimes right this meeting of two polarities can be important, pleasant, exciting and healing. So the client should simply be honest to herself and let her inner feelings tell her what type of care would be more beneficial for her at that particular moment.   


My pleasure and my sexuality are solely my intimate affair. Yes, of course they are and will always be, but a tantra massage is in its nature a kind of a safe space for discovering your own possibilities while being touched by someone who is completely aware of his place, position and limits and considers this way of experiencing as something really natural, joyfull and allowed. And he wants to pass this feeling also on to you.


I don´t like being touched by somebody else.  That is possible. And there is some rootcause behind it. Some experience which you aren´t even aware of anymore, because it was so many years ago. Withdrawal and isolation are not natural for us. Little children welcome each caress. Because it´s nourishing and connects us. And each cut-off like this can be healed. Any time and at any age. Not violently, by an order, but slowly, with love and understanding. It´s like a little return home.


I feel ashamed, of my body, generally, for the situation etc. Each of us sometimes feels ashamed. To face the fears can sometimes be a big and rewarding adventure. A tantra massage can proceed gently, real intimacy is not about touching intimate places. It is possible to find an option of the massage which won´t be any „threatening“, but solely nourishing. Simply for you.  


I´m single, don´t have a partner at the moment and I miss touch. Is this ment to be a replacement? It might be a meantime for you which can be used for exploration and search. And maybe it is the right time to allow yourself to receive some pampering and encouragement. If the right partner is going to come, you might enrich him right by this experience.   


Is the goal to reach orgasm?  Especially men are pushed to a performance with a certain goal, sometimes it´s even needed by nature. But tantra approach is a little different in this respect. It has no expectations, it uses energies rather for expanding the consciousness. It can come to a new way of releasing the accumulated energy, instead of the pattern: charging – tension – releasing energy it looks for a new perspective. It can also be described as melting into this energy, into a kind of extatic tranquility without tension, without feeling the subconscious fear that it will pass. These limits are slowly shifted by each of us, without any defined limitations.


I have got a handicap.  In this case it is rather not a tantra guideline, but a generally human one. I  this massage beautiful energies of acceptance of the body with all its imperfections arise. It is not a sentimental feeling of pity, it is much more a feeling of unity and connection. For example a massage of an elderly person has a lot of nobleness, respect and humbleness and is a unique experience. The bow in the initial ritual should be very deep in this case.  


I´m not a tantric person, I don´t know anything about it, tantra is not for me.  Tantra is not any kind of complex and scientifically structered system, but solely a return to your own nature and purity. It doesn´t judge, evaluate or punishes. Actually we all have this hidden somewhere inside of us and are just remembering it. Experiencing one ritual gives you more than reading five books. Be like a child when it sees snow. Enter with no worry, look, surrender to what is happening right now.


I feel confused after the massage and am not able to rank, class the experience. For the systematic and logical people the massage can be a lot to digest. But fortunately some things in life are simply „for the first time“ and we cannot rank them according to the known classifications of our consciousness. But it´s these experience what helps us to shift and to disturb our firm ideas and to show us the way out of the circle.


The price of the massage is too high.  Everything starts with getting tuned in to both the client and the massage long before the start. It is the value of the whole ritual for you with all its exclusivity and necessary preparation of the space. It is a general setting of the price both in the Czech Republic and in the world. 




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