What is Sofia offering 


Do you like touch, pampering, gentle and sensual rituals with your body?

Do you need to escape from the outside pressure and get into a different dimension for some time?

You don’t know what a tantric approach means and you would like to find out personally?

Would you like to boost up the female side inside you which is both gentle and wild?

Would you like to wake up your male strenght, get rid of shame and mental wounds?

Are you interested in working with your own energy potencial?

Would you like to charge yourself with a special energy for your work and business goals?

Are you feeling helpless, looking for a way out of a hopeless circle, looking for a new perspective? 

Would you like to treat each other with a non-conform and special gift?



In that case we are ready to be a kind companion to you in a whole range of massages.  


Ritual massages we offer can be enjoyed individually or in a couple, in different duration.

During the initial sharing we can support your intention or choose one of the possibilities offered that would suit you the best – see Types of massage.


Our work is based on a holistic approach to the body, sacred sexuality giving us pleasure and nourishing our body and soul. We belong to the people for whom tantra became a search for truth, a „viva aqua“, a free space for never ending discovery of the possibilities of touch, new friendships. We are happy to welcome you on our website. 





Domácí vinotéka a lednice na víno. , Indukční vařič a indukční nádobí , Zahradní nábytek výprodej , Domácí vinotéka , Lednice s mrazákem Liebherr - špičková kvalita lednic